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Portable Ultrasonic Turbine Washer Machine

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A Quick Way to do Laundry while Saving Money and The Environment  <3 🌎

  • Sterilization Disinfect - With advanced ultrasound technology and small hole design, The unit activates the chlorine in the tap water you used can dissolve stain quickly for deep cleansing, and its sterilization capacity was 99.98 percent.
  • Ultrasonic & Turbine Cleaning - Turbine works for 5 minutes, automatic ultrasonic vibration clean for one minute, intelligent interaction. Automatic positive inversion. When the turbine is rotating for 15 seconds, it will automatically reverse for 15 seconds.
  • Lightweight & Portable - Travel washing machines can be placed in pockets or tote bags. Egg size design is easy to carry, ideal for students, travelers, and business people.
  • USB Power - For the USB power supply, the power is 6W, can carry 1KG laundry weight.
  • Perfect Gift - Mini barrel wall-mounted laundry machine is designed with a small body design, and the carefully-designed color texture will light your home decoration design, avoid bending over, care for your family, and care for your loved ones.


Work time:

1. Turbine forward and reverse cleaning operation for 5 minutes

2. High-frequency vibration cavitation cleaning operation for 1 minute

3. Turbine forward and reverse cleaning operation for 5 minutes (and so on)

4. The washing machine will be turned off after 30 minutes of work, and it can be reused after reconnecting and powering on